New Service Times!

It ALL begins on

November 3, 2019

We are excited to adjust our current Worship Service Times to a NEW FORMAT! We are CHANGING LANES, with the SAME DESTINATION! 

Our NEW SERVICE times will be:

10:00am EST

11:45am EST

Check below for a few FAQs and Answers to our new service times!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will both services be the same or different? 

A: BOTH services (10:00am and 11:45am) will be IDENTICAL! Same message, worship, and flow!

Q: What time will the doors open? 

A: Our building will open to the General Public at 9:30am and Auditorium Doors will open at 9:45am (for 10:00am service) and 11:30am (for 11:45am service).

Q: What about Kids Ministry? 

A: Kids Ministry is adjusting their times! Kids Ministry check in will begin at 9:40am and conclude at           10: 30am. It will reopen at 11:30am and conclude at 12:15pm.  If you need a new key fob for check-in or have general questions, feel free to email our Kids Ministry Director at

Q: Do you offer something for my Middle School and/or High School student? 

A: Yes! On the First Sundays of each month, The Movement (our Middle and High School Ministry) will conduct services at both the 10:00am and 11:45am services. Feel free to email our Youth Pastors at

Q: With less services, do you need as many volunteers (Activators)? 

A: YES! We actually need more! Our services will now be larger and we anticipate a larger need. If you have completed the Growth Track and are not yet serving, we NEED you to show your love, by giving your time!

Q: When will Growth Track be offered? 

A: With our new service times, Growth Track will be offered during the 11:45am service. Individuals attending the Growth Track can plan to attend the 10:00am service and then participate in the Growth Track classes afterward.

Q: Will the College Ministry still gather on Sunday's?