staff Resources / Help

This is a internal page for Staff to assist us in operating in Excellence with Efficiency!

  • Event Schedule

    Once the Event Request & Scheduling Form is completed (Lily), that form will go here and we'll be able to use One Form to schedule events and rooms requests. CLICK HERE

  • Communication & Announcement Form

    Here is the one-stop form for all of our Communication efforts.  Updates to this form (for 10-14 days out) weekly at Thursdays at 5pm!!!! (Click the image to the left to get to the form.)

  • Use this page to submit and complete your monthly office supplies.  This form is due on the 20th of each month. Thank you!

  • Facility Repair Request

    Hello Team!  We are in the process of creating an electronic Facility Request Form.  Once that form is created, we will go here to submit that form.  Thank you!

  • Church Community Builder (CCB)

    Adding this link here, will help us to not have to add another bookmark to our computers (efficiency!)

  • Internal Crossover Calendar

    Here's a Google Document of our Internal Events & Activities

  • Visual Communication Design Request Form

    Download and complete form with attachment and links and email