3D Growth track

Crossover wants to empower you to GROW! Your next step on your journey is to take the

3D Growth Track.

The 3D Growth Track is an engaging 5 week class that starts on the First Sunday of every month during our 11:45am online service (You must take the classes in order). 

It includes:


101 Discover

Discover what Crossover believes, our exciting vision and how you can get plugged in to grow.


201 Develop

Focuses on Spiritual Habits that every Christian needs to Develop to grow in Spiritual Maturity.


301 Display

Find your passions, spiritual gifts and your best fit to Display Christ in every area of your life. 


401 Activate

Will equip you to get Activated to live life in 3D at home, work, church and the world.


501 Serve

Allows you to Display your gifts by shadowing in a ministry based on your S.H.A.P.E.

Teenagers are also welcome. Children can be checked in to our Kids Ministry. 

This is the process to officially become a member of Crossover Church and get involved.


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HD Classes

What happens AFTER 3D Growth Track? 

Every month we will offer a new HD Class that will be optional. You can choose to go to the ones that can help you grow in the current season of your life.

These HD Classes will allow you to go a bit deeper on a subject or area of faith and Christian living that will make your walk with Christ much stronger. These classes will range from being a one (1) week class to being a four (4) week class.  Each month, you will be able to come back here OR watch the announcements for the updates.

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