Chosen women's ministry

We live in an age where we have easy access to connect with others through social media, emails, texting, chatting, Facetime, etc.  We literally have a world of data at our fingertips, yet, many studies show that even though we have the ability to be more connected than in previous generations, we are more isolated than ever before.  

We want to change that. 

We believe we were created, not only to love, but to be loved by God and others. Our heart is to see the women commit to being active learners of God's Word through fellowship and community with one another, even if that means virtually.

Due to the current COVID situation, our gatherings are occurring on our social media platforms by using technology to remain in #active community with one another.  We are better together, even during this new norm. 

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Our Purpose Statement

CHOSEN exists to help women actively live life in community with other women and

to confidently walk in their unique purpose and design.


Philosophy & Mission of Women's Ministry

“The Lord has a work for women as well as for men. They may take their places in His work at this crisis, and He will work through them. . . . They can do in families a work that men cannot do, a work that reaches the inner life. They can come close to the hearts of those whom men cannot reach. Their labor is needed.” 

Welfare Ministry, Ellen G. White

CHOSEN is committed to encouraging, challenging, equipping and nurturing Crossover Women to grow in their walk with God as they commit to serve each other in the local body and beyond. It exists to affirm women and their true value in God and to minister to the broad spectrum of women’s needs from emotional, mental, physical & spiritual needs.