Love Our City

Leader's Kit

Love Our City is a complete church campaign that Crossover has created and had incredible results with. Pastor Tommy wrote a 30 Day Devotional book that your church can go through accompanied with a small group video curriculum, a 5-week message series with graphics and videos. In addition you get a leaders guide that gives you all the nuts & bolts to host the Love Our City serving projects and empower your church to reach thousands of new people in your community. Get the details and Leaders Kit at:

Next Steps On Your Spiritual Journey

This book is a great resource for New Believers. Pastor Tommy wrote it as we couldn't find anything relevant to give to new believers at our church. It is broken down in engaging sections that give easy answers to hard questions. The first 7 chapters of the book of John are included and it has a foreword by Montell Jordan.

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ReBuild Book & CD

Crossover Church took a huge leap of faith and rebuild a 43,000 square foot former Toys R' Us store in the heart of the urban community. Rebuild shares the story and weaves in the Biblical story of Nehemiah as he rebuild Jerusalem physically, spiritually, emotionally and economically. The book gives the reader tools how to rebuild their lives, their families, their church and their city. It is full of inspiration and miracle stories. There is also a CD that Pastor Tommy "Urban D." did that each song matches each chapter of the book. It's the soundtrack to the book!

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The Seed Was

always there

Pastor Lucy teamed up with Pastor Lena as they are both lead pastor's wives and have discipled dozens of women over the years. This book shared impactful stories that deal with fear to anger to failure to success and much more. It is packed with real-life examples, biblical references and thought provoking discussion questions. 

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Church strategies &

    ministry systems

Churches and Ministry Leaders want to win. What often challenges that desire are threats to the vision, people, leadership development, and even resources when the focus has less often been on effective strategies and solid systems. This challenge is exacerbated even more for urban churches where there is a lack of effective, balanced, and contextually relevant resources available. Church Strategies and Ministry Systems is designed to fill this gap by offering practical information and solutions specifically for the urban church community and being an Executive Pastor - in a book!

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Temporary Assignments

Life is about change. That change is critical to both your success and well-being. Much of what we’ve seen about life change involves stress, drama, and distraction. The spiritual, emotional, mental, and professional intensity of change – the process of reinvention and transition – requires skill, awareness, maturity, and wisdom. Many of today’s available life change and personal reinvention resources are long on encouragement and motivation, but short on practical insight and wisdom. This resource aims to be that bridge of inspiration, information, and transformation.

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Remix Worship Album

Crossover Church is known for its music, art and creativity. Our worship style is a rhythmic remix of R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, Gospel and more! This album features original music from our Remix Worship team with several of Crossover's Hip-Hop artists and pastors on the tracks produced by our worship and arts director Darnel Butler. 

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Physical copies available in our Hip-Hop Shop in the church lobby.

The DMB Project: Live

The DMB Project:Live is a record full of high energy praise and pure and passionate worship. Recorded LIVE in Daytona Beach it captures the very heart of those that want to worship HIM in spirit and truth. All songs were written by Darnel Butler and feature some of Central Florida's top worship leaders, such as, LaRue Howard, John Wilds, Meka King, Anthony Shepherd, and more. You can purchase The DMB Project:Live on all digital media outlets or by simply clicking HERE!

Eternal Clothing

Eternal Clothing was birthed out of Pastor Tommy "Urban D." Kyllonen's pain of losing both parents in the same year. His Peace comes from having an "Eternal Perspective" that we'll "Live Forever" in paradise if we have a relationship with Christ. Check out the collection at: and in our store in the lobby.