Worship & Creative Arts

Meet The Directors & Creative Team of our Worship & Creative Arts Department

  • Darnel Butler

    Director of Worship & Creative Arts

    Darnel is over the Remix Worship, Remix Media, Remix Dance, & Remix Theater departments. He is the “producer” of the worship experience by helping individuals discover and display their unique talents and gifts by coaching and training through music, technology, and the arts.

  • Whitney Harris

    Assistant Director of Worship & Creative Arts

    Oversees Teen Remix & Remix Worship

  • Jessica Jenkins

    Assistant Director of Worship & Creative Arts

    Oversees Chosen Worship Team  & Teen Remix

  • Jason DeSantis

    Media Director

    Responsible for camera operators, computer hookups, Propresenter media.

  • Tyler Harris

    Assistant Media Director

    Responsible for Livestream and Video Switching capabilties.

  • Adrian Green

    Lighting Director

    Responsible for all lighting aspects of our worship experience.

  • Inina Thompson

    Sound Director

    Responsible for all sound aspects throughout our facility for worship experiences and building rentals.

  • Abigail Medina

    Digital Media Director

    Responsible for all photography & videography media content.

  • Kiyanah Lawrence

    Social Media Director

    Responsible for tracking and monitoring our social media presence, and ensure that the information being shared online is valuable and engaging for customers. Also, our livestream online host.

Remix Worship

Remix Worship is comprised of our worship team Singers and Band, DJ's, Rappers, and Poets. They are known for their very unique and radical style of musical abilities and being able to use the arts. They have been blessed to minister all over and share the gospel using their creativity of arts. They released their debut album under Darnel Butler in 2018. They are in the process of working on their sophomore studio project that will be released in October of 2020. 

Remix Media

Remix Media Team is comprised of our Sound Technicians, Camera Operators, Computer Technicians, Live Stream Operators, Digital Media Personnel, and Lighting Directors. They are responsible for all video, pictures, livestream, and media production that takes place around our church. They are the behind the scenes team that makes our services the one-of-a-kind experience that they are.

Remix Dance

Remix Dance is the official dance team of Crossover Church. They are responsible for adding the rhythmic flavor to our praise and worship experiences and so much more. They also provide the choreography for our productions throughout the year.

Remix Theatre

Remix Theater is our drama department. They are responsible for providing everything from skits to our full length theater productions. Our latest production was a successful adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. We called it, "The Wiz: A Christmas Remix" and it was filled with incredible singing, dancing, acting, and more. Don't believe us? Check it our for yourself down below.

The Wiz: A Christmas Remix

Crossover Church Worship & Creative Arts Department presents "The Wiz: A Christmas Remix!" Come join us as we take you on a wild ride with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion, & more. We will tell you the classic story while giving it a Christmas Remix that only Crossover Church could do. This production is full of incredible singing & dancing! We have the classic hits that will have you singing out loud and dancing in your seats. Recorded live at Crossover Church in Tampa, FL on December 19, 2019.