WE Are RE-GATHERING physically on

Sunday, october 4, 2020!!!

We are so excited! It's been almost 7 months since we were able to physically gather in our building for worship. God has sustained us for these months to gather virtually, with limited in-person meetings. God has not only sustained us, but we've grown. 

Through prayer, planning, and care for our church family and friends, we believe that the time is right for us to gather physically back in our building. 

Below will provide lots of details to help you prepare and plan to join us on Sunday, October 4, 2020 at either 8:30am, 10:00am, and/or 11:45am.

(If you'd like to serve with us, click the link here.)

WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST, then Check out The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. 


Frequently Asked Questions For Crossover Church Reopening


We know you are excited about our gathering together again. We are too! We are thankful for all of the things that God has enabled us to do during the pandemic and look forward to God continuing to guide us in every way.


Below are a few basic questions that we wanted to clarify and answer for you as we all prepare to re-gather physically together on our church campus.


Please remember, that all our updated procedures are what we deem important to keep everyone as safe as possible.



Are masks required?


Yes, we are asking all that enter the building to be prepared to wear a mask the full that they are in the building with us. Further, because we are in Hillsborough County, there is currently a mask mandate for our area. Hillsborough County’s Emergency Policy Group (EPG) enacted an order requiring that face coverings be worn inside businesses that are open to the public, with certain exceptions. You can learn more about Hillsborough County Masks Updates Here.

Is our in person gatherings open to everyone?

We are strongly discouraging anyone who has been sick or exposed to sick people or experiencing symptoms of sickness from attending a physical gathering until it’s safe for them to do so.


If you’re not ready to gather together in person, or if you are high risk, we have our services live online, and our Worship Experience will be on our Facebook, YouTube, Crossover App, and Crossover Website.

Will we be asked to socially distance?
Yes, our entire campus will be set up and equipped to ensure that we are properly social distancing.

Do I need to reserve a seat for any of the services?
Yes and No. While we won’t turn anyone away (unless we run out of seats) we want to plan and prepare as best as we can by asking you to register for the service of your church. This will enable us to anticipate how many people will be at each service. You should also know that we have limited the amount of people per service. And finally, reserving a seat doesn’t guarantee a specific seat if you don’t arrive on time.  seating will be at the discretion of our First Impressions Team Members. You can register for your service of choice here.

What about the KidzMin and The Movement (Middle/High School)?
Our ministry for kids will reopen, for the 10:00am & 11:45am services only, on the same Sunday that we open for adults. Our kids ministry  serves  ages 6 months to 5th grade. Every Activator (volunteer) will go through an initial screening and we are prepared to clean and sanitize every room in between services and then every item in between Sundays and Wednesdays.

The Movement (Middle & High School Ministry) will begin in person gatherings on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 7pm. We are asking all students to wear masks and be prepared to honor the social distancing instructions.

On Sundays, as you get prepared to check your kids in, please pay attention to directional signage and check-in instructions. Your KidzMin keychain barcode will be utilized. If you don’t have one yet, no worries! We will be working to ensure that each family receives one. Check in and check out with both be in the lobby at the same place.

To avoid delays in checking in, you can pre-register by going to the KidzMin section of our Crossover Church webpage.

We will have our normal greeting time during Worship?
No. We know that some of you  want hugs and handshakes. Some people may be comfortable with that. Others may not be. We want to eliminate and reduce the scheduled time of physical contact and really encourage our Crossover family and friends to honor our efforts for social distancing.

How should I be prepared to give during service?
That’s a great question. We are going to eliminate passing any offering elements during our Worship Services. We will be contact-less and touch-less during each gathering. As a result, we will utilize Text-To-Give as an option, as well, we are encouraging everyone to download the Crossover App and easily give via that platform. By the way, our bulletin will be electronic as well.
You can Download the App here.
Will I be able to sit in Auditorium with my children?
While we have made it available for families to sit together, we want to encourage parents to check their children into our KidzMin area so that they'll be able to enjoy the services in their age-appropriate spaces.

Will the Café be open?
Not at this time. We will postpone re-opening the café until further notice. Our Hip Hop Shop will offer limited beverages and water for purchase and our vending machines in the lobby will be available.

Is the building open for me to hang out in the lobby in between services?
Unfortunately, for now, we will have to limit the amount of group gathering in our Lobby and Common spaces. We are asking everyone to remain in their vehicles until 15 minutes before each service begins. We will work efficiently to get everyone highly cared for, settled into the auditorium quickly, kids checked in, and ready for worship.

Are there other Apps that we need to download?
No, there no other Apps that we are asking people to download at this time.  We WILL be utilizing QR codes with various engagements and call-to-actions during our services. This should work well with any existing smartphone. This will eliminate the need for paper items like Bulletins, Connection Cards, Sign up forms and the like. Beyond that, the Crossover App is going to be your one stop shop for all things current with Crossover!

What are QR Codes? 
QR stands for Quick Response. It's a picture that your phone can respond to. It takes a picture and bring that information up on your phone/mobile device. For those who might be nervous about QR Codes or have challenges "figuring it out", it's simply a barcode that contains information that we want you to get. It doesn't download any viruses or bad information to your device. 

Will I be able to attend Growth Track?

Yes, we are planning to conduct an in person Growth Track, both a one day and our Sunday weekly gathering. Our Growth Track One Day will be offered in person on Saturday, October 10, 2020 and our in person Sunday weekly gathering on Sunday, November 1, 2020.