3d Foundations Classes

If you are ready to live life in 3D (Discover, Develop, Display), then you don't want to miss our 3D Foundation Classes. Our Classes are 3 consecutive weeks on Sunday Mornings. 

- 101 DISCOVER Class is our Membership Class that shares our Biblical beliefs, vision and how you can get plugged in and grow. 

- 201 DEVELOP Class focuses on the four basic habits that every Christian needs to develop in order to grow in spiritual maturity.

- 301 DISPLAY Class  will help you discover your purpose through understanding the kind of person God created you to be.

- 401 3D Leadership Class will equip you in your mission to the world.

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C.h.o.s.e.n.'s. Redefined

Choosing to Hope Obey Serve and Encourage Now …

...for such a time as this. Esther 4:14

Crossover's Women's Ministry, a place where women can come and grow in their faith together.  

REDEFINED meets every second Monday of the month at 7:00pm. 

Don't miss out on the fellowship and friendships that are waiting just for you!

Roots groups @ CC

     Roots Groups are our Small Groups that meet in Semesters here at the church, in homes and businesses across our city. Our next RG Semester will start the week of February 21st as we go through Pastor Tommy's new "ReBuild" Book together with video sessions, notes, building block discussion guides and more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow and rebuild areas of your life, your family and your city! Signs up start soon... stay tuned!

     We are currently looking for a few good RG leaders and RG leaders assistants for our next RG semester. If you are a member of Crossover Church and have an interest in leading or assisting a leader in a RG, please contact us by simply filling out and submitting the form below. 

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CULC (College)

Crossover Urban Leadership College (a division of SUM)

Let’s be real, answering the call to truly pursue vocational ministry is no walk in the park for anyone. The statistics regarding ministerial careers are staggering. On the one hand, many who are in ministry are either ill equipped or unprepared for ministry life; on the other hand, even those with formal training often struggle with balancing life, family, and ministry which often results in burnout. While there may be other options for schooling there are few that really work to prepare students for a balanced life as well as CULC does. If you are searching for a school that will challenge you, grow you, and prepare you for real life ministry, CULC is the place for you.

Outreach Magazine listed Crossover Church as one of the most innovative churches in America. Our ministry has been recognized for its unique approach for reaching the urban community and has experienced incredible growth over the years. Crossover is located in a commercial district, in the heart of Tampa in an area known as “Suitcase City” due to its high eviction rates and homelessness. You will have the opportunity to learn from this amazing ministry as we rebuild the city.


Crossover Urban Leadership College and SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary equips indigenous leaders from cities around the world by offering affordable theological education in combination with academic instruction and practical hands on ministry.


ABHE: Association for Biblical Higher Education. The ABHE is a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Programs offered:

• Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies (2 years)

• Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (3 years)

   (i.e., Biblical Studies, Church Planting, Pastoral Ministry, Global Missions, and Youth Ministry)

• Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (2 years)

   With languages Hebrew and Greek

   Without languages English only

• Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

• Master of Divinity (3 years)

Cohort Learning:

Crossover’s partnership with SUM provides “state of the art” live, two-way classroom interaction with professors from around the country. Our Cohort will be unique in that students will be provided with Mentorship from Crossover Leadership, and hands on urban ministry opportunity.

Lead Now:

SUM students from the main campus and from across our nation (as well as from our foreign sites) converge on the city of New Orleans each year. This explosive 6-day gathering consist of a morning conference and evening street evangelism outreach. Students are empowered by the Holy Spirit through worship, prayer and preaching of God’s Word by dynamic Visionary Leaders.

Lead Now participants take part in a 6-day conference and outreach which takes places during Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Bible declares that, "now is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2). It was Jesus' mission was to "seek and save" those who are spiritually lost. We invite others who also realize the sense of urgency regarding bringing Christ's message of hope to a hurting and dying world.


Application, Pastor and General References, Official GED, High School and/or College Transcripts, One page typed essay (personal testimony), One page typed essay (How did Jesus lead – According to the New Testament?)

Photo and $20 application fee.

The general undergrad application can be found at

For additional information contact our Cohort Director:

Greg Harris -