Activate and Put God on display!

Activate teams

Believers in Christ are called to put him on DISPLAY. Serving others is a huge aspect of DISPLAYING. Something amazing happens when you begin to serve others and put him on DISPLAY... we can't quite articulate it through words, but in essence you end up getting more out of it than the people you are serving! Our desire is to help you find the right fit so you are serving in an area you are passionate about so you can get "ACTIVATED".

We have several teams that our "Activators" serve on: Kidz Ministry, Media and Sound (The Booth), First Impressions, Parking, Security, Cleaning, Cafe, Database, Outreach and more. Our "Activators" also have a special lounge on Sunday's called "Activate Central". This room serves as a rallying point where people serving have free food and drinks, a place to put personal belongings and connect with other Activators before and after serving with their team. If you'd like to join an Activate Team - get signed up for our 3D Growth Track and you'll get all the details to get plugged into an area you are most passionate about. Email: to get signed up! 

Outreach & Missions

We have several outreach event throughout the year as we meet tangible needs and share the love of Christ in our city and around the world.

Events include: Love Our City Week, Back 2 School Jam, Flavor Fest Block Party, Affordable Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Missions Trips and more. We Give away thousands of pounds of groceries, clothes, haircuts, backpacks, school supplies, toys, Bibles and lots of prayer!

Click here to see a highlight video of a Back 2 School Jam.

Click here to see a highlight video from a Bahamas Mission.

Remix / Creative Arts

Remix and Creative Arts Worship

Brings together an electic variety of music; R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Salsa, EDM and Reggae within a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural expression of art and music that seeks to experience an authentically biblical encounter with our Creator.John 4:24 / Revelation 4:10-11


We believe that God is the creator of art and music having its origin with him. Although we recognize the power and influence of Satan in music, we believe that God redeems culture and art through those he has transformed by grace. We use art and music to worship the living God, expressing His goodness and mercy to the world, and to uplift followers of Christ.

Our Values

We accept the Bible as God's Word to us, fully inspired and authoritative. It is our map and guide for worship. The book of Psalms was the main hymnal for the Hebrews and contains many songs full of theology, prayers, and desperate cries for help to God. They are a rich source of inspiration for the follower of Christ. Even though they do not contain a single note or measure or even any rhythm for that matter, each Psalm can be a well of worship insight today.

While we are very orthodox in our view of Scripture, we see Jesus as one who would fully embrace those in culture and use those elements to communicate the good news of hope and reconciliation to God. Our musical form of worship takes place within the urban context, embracing multi-ethnic people groups and developing purpose and worship in their lives.

Our Mission

(Is)... To Remix the worship experience in such a way as to lead our culture into a biblical, Christ-centered expression of love, thanks, and praise to God; as we encounter his presence, become transformed into his image, and fulfill our purposes on earth.

  • If you would like to join The Creative Arts Department (Remix Worship, Remix Media or the Creative Arts team) Email
  • REmix Media

    Each week our services and events are streamed to thousands of people that watch us live and on demand from all over the world. Even though Remix Media is "Behind the scenes" - they are a vital ministry that touch so many people. 

    Do you enjoy watching videos or the vibe you feel at concerts? Have you ever wondered how all that gets put together?

    Remix Media is looking for people that love the media arts. Our culture loves the Arts and phrases like, "Lights, Camera, ACTION!". We believe that God has given us artistic elements to make the worship experience here at Crossover a dynamic, lively and spiritually stirring service that you will never forget.

    So... if you have a passion for Media or Sound, this is probably the ministry for you. If you are interested come out to a rehearsal on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm.